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Airbrush or spray tanning is a safe, fast drying, spray on color solution applied with a special equipment by trained staff. A Cosmetic Bronzer (instant bronzer) will be visible the moment you apply the product and shows you the quality results immediately.

The next forming color you will receive from your Airbrush Tan is with a DHA Bronzer  which reacts with the Amino Acids in your skin to develop color over 2-3 hours with absolutely NO ORANGE color.

Fairhope Organic Sunless Tanning is an even, streak-free formula with built in sheeting action to eliminate spotting and streaking common in inferior sunless tanning products.

Tips For Tanners And FAQ

1. Shower and exfoliate entire body before your session. Avoid using any deodorant or moisturizing soap as this can leave a film that can interfere with the tanning process. We recommend using an exfoliating glove and making a paste of baking soda and non-moisturizing shower gel.

2. DO NOT apply any lotions, cream, deodorant, perfume, etc. before your tan.These may cause a barrier to the spray tan solution.

3. Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothes to your appointment. Sandals are suggested to avoid any rub off onto socks.

4. Cover finger/toenails with nail polish to avoid staining. Have manicures, pedicures and hair done BEFORE your tanning session.

5. You must wait at least 8-12 hours (or max of 6 if using the Tan-Lock after solution before showering, swimming, sweating, applying lotion or liquid make-up.

6.Moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Hydrating the skin maintains longer life you your tan.

7. Wear waterproof sunscreen when swimming to protect your tan from uneven fading.

* Gift Certificates purchased online on non-refundable. Gift certificates may be transferred to another individual by contacting the Salon. Gift Certificates over 180 days old (or as stated on the certificate) are only redeemable at management's discretion.
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